S/S ’18 Trends – Baby Edition

It is no secret that prints and florals are taking it up a notch for spring/summer 2018. Almost every designer took the trends to the next level by displaying more than just a simple trend – there is a story behind each piece.

Inspired by Gap Kids, below you will find the latest fashion trends to have your little one ready for spring/summer in no time!


Trend #1: Nature’s Beauty

This trend will let you imagine yourself in a garden – flowers, leaves, trees, water, etc. From different shades of greens, blues and pinks, your little one(s) will be able to bloom with this trend, just like the nature in the garden. As we notice tons of detail in the garden, you will find the same with these elegant pieces. From floral mesh cloths and lace to pleats, do not forget to pair them with the cutest embroidery, ruffles and bows for the girly look.


Trend #2: Be Bold

This trend will let you imagine all the bold colours that you can think of. From the bright blues and purples to the neon greens and yellows, you can imagine how vibrant the outfits will look. When it comes to the fabric, it is really anything because the detailing of the geometric patterns and the placement of the fabrics matter the most – talk about dimension! A super fun trend for the seasons to come that will definitely make a statement.

Girls & Boys

Trend #3: Wildlife meets Fantasy

This trend will make your little one(s) look like modern safari experts. The wildlife in the plains and the sultry sunsets inspire designers to create earthy toned, yet vibrant pieces. Just like how the wild life means the simple life, you will find it reflected in the cotton, linen, and nylon being used – clean and simple. Of course, you do not want to forget the exotic animals that make up the wild life kingdom as you will see them incorporated as prints and detailing. The looks that you will see will make you want to go on vacation ASAP (just make sure to pack this trend as well).

Trend #4: Outdoor Camp

This trend is super simple and minimal, yet provides endless options. Your little one(s) will be looking sharp, just like the how they go to camp to sharpen their skills. You will find these trendy pieces in shades of green, blue, nude and pantone. This minimalistic look will also be reflected in the fabrics – raw, yet clean and simple cotton, linen, denim with minimal detailed design. A super easy trend for the little ones will have them ready in minutes, while looking super fresh.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful! I do not follow every single trend and you certainly do not have to either, but it is fun to research and get some new inspo for the coming seasons!

What’s your favourite trend for the spring and summer of 2018? Let me know in the comments below!



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