Midwife as Pregnancy Practitioner?

I am so grateful to have a friend who recommended going through a midwife verses going through an ob-gyn during my pregnancy. Honestly, the experience was beyond amazing! I would not have had the motivation, confidence and courage without the support of the most four amazing women who did an amazing job getting me to hustle throughout my pregnancy journey.

So, why did I chose to have a midwife as my practitioner during my pregnancy?

  •  I was able to experience a personalized relationship – my assigned midwives knew everything about my pregnancy, which was very comforting.
  • I was able to have thorough appointments – I was not just attending my appointments for practitioners to do their thing, I was attending my appointments to learn about everything related to baby and myself.
  • I was able to have a resource available 24/7 – if I had any questions or concerns throughout my pregnancy at any time of the day; I was able to contact my assigned midwives for help.
  • I was able to have postpartum support – instead of heading out of the house with a newborn baby for initial doctors appointments, I was able to have my midwives visit me at home for the first six weeks to make sure everything about baby and myself was A-OK.

During my pregnancy, I would rotate between three assigned midwives who would conduct my appointments and two of the three would be there during my labour and delivery (depending on deliveries of their other clients). During my labour and delivery, I was able to have one of my assigned midwives with an additional midwife (I have never met before) who helped achieve my goal: a 100% natural delivery. I cannot thank my midwives enough for everything they have done and the immense support that they have provided.

Let me know in the comments below if you had a midwife or an ob-gyn throughout your pregnancy. I would love to hear your experience!





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