Persona Cosmetics – Identity Palette Review

I have always been known as the supporter within my group of friends or any sort of community – I mean I love having everyone’s back, being the cheerleader and just helping out in general. So as a supporter, I love being able to stand by one of my favourite bloggers, Sona Gasparian, as I watch her grow and create her own cosmetics brand!

Now to the real topic of this blog post: the Identity Palette…

To be honest, this is probably the only palette I need…I mean I have 4 completely different palettes, but this one is my ultimate go-to for the past year and a half!

First of all, the palette is for sale for $32 USD! Let’s be real, you get 12 different colours for $32…that’s $2.67 per colour!

The quality of this palette is beyond amazing! What I love the most is that the colours glide on with minimal effort and if you make a mistake, you can easily blend the colours out. I also love that the colours are buildable, so you always have the option to go natural with some colour or really go bold. Let me also tell you that the pigment of the colours in this palette is by far the best from the other palettes I have, which are from high-end brands by the way! But seriously, the pigment of the colours pick up onto the brush and apply onto your eyelid without any diffusion of colour!

As you can see below, the palette comes with 6 matte shades and 6 shimmery shades that are so versatile to the point where its sooo easy to create so many looks! Since this palette is targeted to those with brown eyes like Sona, you get both warm-toned colours and cool-toned colours that really compliment each other when used together.


For my everyday look for work, I like to use Humble all over my eyelid to brighten up the eye, Charming on my crease to add some definition to my eye, a mix of Maverick and Fearless for the outer corners to create some depth, and Fearless to create a small wing for some drama.

A plus as well is the size of this palette, it just a little bigger than the size of my hand, but I love that because it makes it super easy for you to carry it everywhere you go! And like I said because the colours are so pigmented, so a little goes a long way!

Check out to purchase your Identity Palette and get ideas for stunning makeup looks to try!

Which colour is your favourite from the palette? Let me know in the comments below!



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