Favourite Fitness Tools

Over the years, I’ve realized that eating well and keeping a healthy routine is essential for your well-being. Plus, I really think that I can work more efficiently when I feel good! Preparing healthy meals and fitness plans ahead of time makes it so easy to achieve your goals throughout the day, even when you have a busy schedule! I’m not a nutritionist or a trainer, but here are some of my favourite tools that help me stay fit on a daily basis!

Nike+ Training Club App

This app is one of my all-time favourite, and it’s the only fitness app that I’ve actually downloaded and used. I really enjoy being able to do workouts at home more than doing them at the gym and it’s the best feeling to know you have a personal trainer at the touch of your finger tips! I like to stream the workouts on to my iPad when I’m at home and if I’m at the gym, I can easily use my iPhone by logging into my account. There are hundreds of workouts you can chose from that vary from 5 mins to an hour with helpful videos to guide you on how each move is done to prevent injuries. The app also creates fitness plans for you that vary from 4 weeks to 8 weeks depending on what your goals are (get lean, get built, get stronger, etc.) and how frequently you’d like to work out (a couple of times a week to everyday). The best part ever is that this app is FREE!

Nike+ Run Club App

This app is very similar to the Nike+ Training Club app but as the name depicts, the focus is running! I really enjoy running so it’s great to have a coach on the app that helps you create a plan to motivate you to perform at your best! If you’re practicing to run with your friends in a race, this is by far the perfect app for that purpose! Your friends can compete with you, cheer you on, and you get a change to reach your goals prior to race day! Like the Nike+ Training Club App, it’s also free! Looks like Nike has a lot of +’s on their side 😉

Fitbit Watch

I had to save the best for last! This is by far my most favourite fitness-related item! I personally have the Fitbit Alta, which is super slimming and chic! I love how I can wear it to anywhere I go! A little too excited…so onto the actual product…if you want to track how active you are, track how many calories you’ve burned each day, track weight goals, track you how you’ve slept, track calorie intake, track water intake; then this is product is for you! It is so motivating that it reminds you every hour to keep moving – I think it’s the best feature especially if your job is based off of an office environment. Also, you can add your friends to see how they’re moving and gets you into the healthy competition groove. I can keep going on forever about this product, but trust me, I have nothing but good things to say about it! With that being said, I highly suggest you purchase yourself one & get a bit fit 🙂

Have you used any of these fitness tools before? I’d love to hear your #modernthoughts! Don’t forget to let me know what’s your favourite fitness tool 🙂



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