5 Tips for a Successful Return to Work after Maternity Leave

To all the mamas going back to work after bonding with baby for some time – YOU WILL BE A-OKAY!

I actually shortened my mat leave (by choice) and went back to work when my baby turned 4 months. Now, depending on where you live, your maternity leave might be shorter or longer than the time I spent with my baby girl. Regardless, as a mother, I think you would have the same emotions – guilt and anxiety.

To help get you through these rough emotions, here are 5 tips to help you ease into the process.

  1. TRIAL RUN: before going back to work, leave baby with whoever will be taking care of the baby for a couple of hours. Take this as an opportunity spend some time alone without the baby to go shopping, to the gym, or treat yourself at the spa. This will also give the opportunity for baby to be in an environment without you and adjust.
  2. TALK TO YOUR BOSS: if your boss allows you to work from home, then take that as an opportunity. You will be able to take care of baby and complete your work (as long as you are aware of your responsibilities). This will help you save money and also give you the opportunity to be with baby.
  3. CREATE A SCHEDULE: you adjusted your lifestyle when baby was born and you will have to adjust it again (this time with more things to do on your plate)! I highly recommend you create a schedule and stick to you it before going back to work and make modifications as you go on this journey.
  4. MEAL PREP: for the first couple of weeks you will be exhausted! So make sure you prepare tons of meals before you go back to work. This will ensure that you’re still eating healthy with minimal time to prepare meals later. Also, if you can, double up on the meals that you make because it’s important for you to have lunch during the day too! Your body will thank you!
  5. ASK FOR HELP: this probably sounds common sense to you, but you really need to remember you’re not a robot. When you get the opportunity to squeeze in a quick nap, ask your partner or family member to watch baby in the meantime. If you’re not able to complete all your tasks, don’t sweat it – it will get done sooner or later.

Going back to work is a life-changing decision, so be sure to take your time during this process. Remember to relax and make the best of this new journey as both you and baby grow!

If you have gone back to work after maternity leave, let me know what tips you have to share!



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